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Privacy policy

Toyo Soflantec (“our company”) thinks that it is very important to protect customers’ privacy. This page shows our policies to obtain, use, and protect customers’ personal information on our home page.

Management of personal information
To provide better service to customers, we may assign questionnaires and E-mail distribution service on our home page to contractors that we have checked and selected deliberately. We and our contractors are making efforts to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, its loss, alteration, or leaking by taking rational technical measures to handle personal identification information, such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses, that are entered on our home page.
Purpose of use of personal information
We use customer’s personal information to e-mail information (referred to as “information distribution” below) that is considered of interest to customers, as printed matters, such as catalogs, and mail magazines, based on prior approval of customers.
Disclosure of personal information to third parties
We do not disclose any personal information entered on our home page to third parties without prior approval of customers. However, if it is requested to disclose personal information legally, if a job associated with personal information is assigned to contractors, or if public organizations, such as courts and police, request disclosure, it may be disclosed without approval of customers.
Stop of information distribution
If customers do not want to receive information and notify us of that using an inquiry form, we will stop information distribution immediately. We will stop information distribution and delete customers’ personal information, except information that cannot identify individuals.
We make efforts to comply with Japanese laws and other regulations associated with protection of customers’ personal information, and we review and improve these policies regularly. These policies may be revised without prior notice. If people 18 years old or younger want to provide personal information on this home page, the approval of their parents or guardians is required.