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Easiness of rolling over

It is said that people usually turn over 20 to 30 times at night. They turn over when sleep changes between a light sleep (REM sleep) and a heavy sleep (NLEM sleep) every 90 minutes and functions as a switch to give stable sleep. Distortion of the body is prevented, distortion at daytime is corrected, or the circulation of the blood and lymph that remained at the underside of the body is facilitated by changing the lying posture during sleep by turning over. Turning over gives various effects, such as adjustment of temperature and humidity, because the air in the bed is stirred by turning over. It is very important to use bedclothes that facilitate turning over to provide sleep that rests and recovers the brain and body.

Turning over test【Patented by us】Patent No. 4977913

■Method Place a mannequin on the mattress, pull it at a certain speed, and measure resistance.
■Condition  Weight of the mannequin  27.5Kg
Mannequin pulling speed   45mm/second
Measurement equipment   Push-pull gauge
Measurement value (N)     Use the peak value during measurement. 
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