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In-bedding environment

The atmosphere of the space surrounded by a mattress, a blanket and a bed cover that a person touches during sleep is called an in-bedding environment. The temperature is 33℃ and the humidity is 50% inside the bedclothes in the ideal “in-bedding environment”. The humidity must be adjusted to maintain the environment. If the humidity exceeds 65%, people feel uncomfortable due to stuffiness. For general mattresses and futons, the humidity rises with time during sleep, and people roll over to reduce stuffiness. Natural rollover is an essential element of comfortable stable sleep, but rollover due to stuffiness is not desirable for sleep. On the other hand, it is confirmed that mattresses using functional urethane having high “moisture absorbing/releasing properties” can keep comfortable “in-bedding environment” with little change in humidity, compared with general mattresses.

In-bedding environment test

Mattress using moisture absorbing/releasing urethane

General mattress

寝床内環境1 寝床内環境2
完成品 ファンクション 寝床内環境下層 吸放湿マットレス 完成品 ファンクション 寝床内環境下層 一般的なマットレス
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