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Moisture absorbing/releasing property

The moisture absorbing/releasing property is a function that absorbs moisture under a high-humidity condition and releases it under a dry condition. We have succeeded in developing “Comfo Climate Foam®” having excellent moisture absorbing/releasing properties through our studies in pursuit of maintenance of comfortable “in-bed environments”. We can make products that suppress the occurrence of stuffiness and improve comfort in sleep by using urethane having good moisture absorbing/releasing properties as an intermediate member of bedclothes (especially the surface layer).

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Principles of implementing moisture absorbing/releasing properties

Polyurethane framework of moisture absorbing/releasing foam



A hydrophobic block is formed in the polyurethane foam framework to prevent access of water molecules. However, the polyurethane framework of the moisture-absorbing/releasing foam is so small that water can access it easily.
The polyurethane framework combines with water molecules under a high-humidity condition.


The bonding state is so weak that hydrogen bonding breaks easily under a dry condition.
Water molecules separate from the main framework of polyurethane under a dry condition.


Polyurethane framework of normal foam


The polyurethane framework of normal foam inhibits the approach of water because of a large hydrophobic block.
The main polyurethane framework does not combine with water molecules even under a high-humidity condition.

Comparison of the moisture-absorbing/releasing properties and continuity of urethane foam

Leave the material in an atmosphere of 20℃ and 50%RH or 40℃ and 95%RH.