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Body pressure dispersion performance

When a pressure greater than a certain value is applied to the capillary vessels of human beings, they are closed and blood does not flow to the tissues of the skin. Because pressure is applied to a part of the body during sleeping or seating, performance that disperses pressure appropriately is required. As a mattress is softer and thicker, body pressure dispersion performance increases, but if the functions of the entire product is considered, air conductivity and a support function should be added while maintaining high body pressure dispersion performance. Products with high functions can be created by combining foam with high body pressure dispersion performance appropriately and considering the balance of the entire product.

Body pressure dispersion performance

Mattress using foam with high body pressure dispersion performance

 body_pressure1 Average pressure on the whole body(mmHg):33
General mattress  
body_pressure2  Average pressure on the whole body(mmHg):40
Withstand pressure range
Higher pressure applies as it approaches red.