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Japan Urethan Industries Institute


Although conventional soft urethane foam uses a material derived from petroleum, we have developed “Soflan Ecofoam” from a material about 30% of which is derived from castor oil and we have acquired a biomass mark (registration number 090050) for the urethane foam for the first time in Japan. Media has recently reported that plastic products, such as PET bottles, are made from a plant-derived material to consider environmental protection. Castor oil is a non-edible vegetable oil, does not contend with food demand, and its price is relatively stable. The castor-oil plant (Ricinus communis) absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide gas when it performs photosynthesis.


※Biomass mark

Since plants absorb CO2 by photosynthesis when they grow, emission of CO2 can be suppressed compared with petroleum-derived products if products are manufactured from plant-derived materials. Such products are certified and promoted by the Association of Japanese Organic Resources, and a biomass mark is applied to each certified product.


Image of CO2 circulation


Line up




40% hardness


Tensile strength


growth rate


Tensile strength


modulus of

repulsion elasticity



residual strain




strain measurement 

25BI   25±2 110±25 70≦ 130≦ 4≦ 30≦ 7≧ 3≧
40BI   40±3 170±20 70≦ 100≦ 3≦ 35≧ 8≧ 3≧

※Conventional petrochemical feedstock urethane foam and function is no inferiority.