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Japan Urethan Industries Institute

Stress-relief function

Urethane foam with a stress-relief function has been developed by screen-printing platinum nano-ceramics on urethane foam. Products having a high relaxing effect can be manufactured by using the foam as stuffing of mattresses and cushions.

Processing state

ストレス緩和作用1 Arbitrary patterns can be created for printing by preparing blocks. (Please consult us.)

Effect verification at college


Verification of changes in emotions after resting on a platinum-processed urethane mattress


School of Food and Nutritional Sciences of University of Shizuoka, Professor Hidehiko Yoshigoshi/Ai Yoto

Testing method    

Crossover test with nine men and five women in their twenties


They were asked to refrain from eating, except drinking water, smoking, and vigorous exercise for three hours before the test to eliminate the influence of food, and to sleep well at night before the test. All the testees participated in the experiment in the same period of time on different days using two types of test samples (platinum-processed and non-platinum-processed mats). The mats were used in random order between the subjects.


Chromogranin A test result