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Catechin contained

Tea catechin derived from green tea is a structure called tannin, a polyphenol compound, and it is a tea flavor component with astringency. It has outstanding deodorizing and antimicrobial effects, and beverages containing it are popular from long ago. Since it includes a naturally derived ingredient, it is safer and better for your health than the organic and inorganic antibacterial/deodorant materials currently available. It is confirmed that tea catechin has the following other effects.

・Antioxidative effect

・Antiallergic action

・Blood cholesterol reducing effect

・Cancer suppressing action

We have succeeded in developing urethane foam having an antibacterial deodorizing effect by adding tea catechin, excellent in the above effects, using our own technology.

Antimicrobial effect of catechin

カテキン配合1 Catechin is considered to have an antimicrobial effect because it is a polyphenol compound with a lot of active hydroxyl groups that affect fungi.

Mechanism of the deodorizing effect of catechin

①The hydroxyl groups of catechin attract malodorous molecules.


②They promote to disassemble the malodorous molecules.


③The malodorous molecules are disassembled and changed into odorless substances.

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Urethane foam incorporated with catechin

カテキンen1 Because the cell framework contains a catechin ingredient, it does not separate from the urethane foam and maintains its effect for a long time.

Antibacterial activity test of catechin foam

Antibacterial activity to E. coli 

Bacterium to be tested:
E. coli

Testing method:
Dip a product in water for 24 hours, and measure the number of E. coli in the water using a sheet of paper for detecting E. coli.

Product to be tested:
Soft polyurethane foam/Comparison of foam not incorporated with catechin
(Blank if the foam is not dipped)


Test of the deodorizing effect of the catechin foam

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Deodorizing effect test for ammonia and formaldehyde of the foam incorporated with tea catechin. The concentration of the offensive odor decreased with time and the deodorizing effect of the foam added with catechin was confirmed.